1. Become a pilot
In order to become a pilot, we have at least the following basic requirements:
a) You must be over 14 years of age at the time of registration.
b) You should at least speak. And write the English language fluently.
c) You should have already gained experience with a common flight simulator.
d) It is recommended to fly with an online community like VATSIM or IVAO. But it is not necessary.

2. Pilot tasks
As a pilot, you should perform the following tasks:
a) At least one flight within 30 days. (Absence requests are always considered!)
b) Be respectful to the entire staff, staff as well as pilots. If you have any problems, you are welcome to contact the member department.
c) React seriously. We are a serious company and we want to protect our reputation.
d) Recommend us!

3. Transfer hours
a) We will be happy to transfer up to 500 hours from VATSIM or IVAO. Therefore, you need to enter your ID when registering.
b) Furthermore, we alternatively transfer up to 250 hours of another VA. Please provide us a link to prove your hours.

4. Ranking System
As a pilot, we offer you a structured and fair ranking system:

Pilots start as First Officer and have a certification for the CAT1 module.
With 200 flight hours we promote you to Senior First Officer and certify you for the CAT2 module.
With 400 hours of flight we promote you to Captain and certify you for the CAT3 module.
With 1100 flight hours, we finally promote you to Check Captain.

CAT1 module
CRJ9-E190-E195-B733-B735-A319-A320-A321-B77L (Cargo) -MD11 (Cargo)
CAT2 module
CAT1 module + A333-A343 + A346
CAT3 module
CAT2 module + B744-B748-A388

5. Contact
If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

6. A closing word
Please only book flights if you are willing to fly them. Flight bookings will be canceled after 24 hours.